Smartphone sticky stand/holder (Dokkt) 1. Comes with 6 eye catching diverse colors. 2. Made from high quality hard plastic material but light weight. 3. Very durable but with soft and rubber like flexible feel. 4. Leaves no scratches on your phone. 5. Great for Iphone, Samsung, HTC and other smartphones. 6. Just as mini as thumb size it is sticky cellphone stand, supports and suitable for any smartphone brand. 7. It can hold your cell phone horizontally well so it is best suitable for landscape as well as vertical view. 8. No compatibility or smartphone thickness issue like in other stands as it will be used with every brand. 9. Portable and practical for watching movies anytime anywhere. 10. Don’t make yourself hand your mobile all the time while watching movie or playing game - Make your neck and shoulder comfortable with Dokkt stand, relive your hands and enjoy cinema theatre like view. Save your pinky finger from phone syndrome since dokkt allows to hold the phone without using your pinky finger. How to use it! It will be pasted on your cellphone back cover. Just press it from middle like a click and it will open up in circle or ring shape. Insert your middle or index finger in ring and save your mobile from accidently sliding out of your hand while texting. Don’t make yourself carry your smartphone stand like an extra accessory. You can paste it back after usage and it will be a part of your smartphone. Adds in your smartphone beauty. Makes any phone a kickstand. It attaches to any phone back and phone case and becomes its kickstand. Easy to snap in and out so its an easy non-intrusive way to make any phone into a kickstand or a phone grabber.

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Dokkt Pink

Dokkt Pink
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