Trouble shooting guide


  1. 1.      Tablet pc could not turn on


Please check battery capacity;

Connect adapter, recheck;

Charge tablet pc for a while, if still not able to turn on it, please contact distributor.


  1. 2.      Earphone no voice

Guide: Please check volume is “0” or not;

Please check earphone is connected well.


  1. 3.      Loud Noise

Guide: Please check earphone plug is clean or not, dirt will cause noise;

Please check music file is damaged or not. Please listen to other musics to confirm this;

If music file is damaged, it will cause noise.


  1. 4.      Screen show messy codes

Guide: Please check if you set up correct languages


  1. 5.      Can not download files.

Guide: Please make sure tablet pc is connected well with computer;

Please make sure tablet pc memory has enough space;

Please make sure USB cable is not damaged.


  1. 6.      Can not surf internet or play online audio/video

Guide: Please make sure wifi is turn on and is connected;

Please make sure wifi signal is strong.


Power problems



You cannot turn on the system.

  • The battery may have discharged.
    Be sure to charge the battery pack for at least 4 hours before using the system for the first time. Try pressing the Power button again.
  • If using the power adaptor, make sure it is plugged in and has power.

Your battery charging time starts to increase in order to obtain the same amount of energy-use as before.

This may mean that your battery life is diminishing. The battery life gets shorter as time passes. It has a finite life of about 500 charge cycles. Consider replacing your battery, if you have been using it for 1 to 2 years.

Display problems



The screen is blank when the system is turned on.

If pressing the Power button does nothing, hold it down for four seconds or longer. This will switch the Tablet off. Then press the Power button again to turn the Tablet back on.

The screen is too dark.

Adjust the screen brightness control.


Audio problems



There is no sound.

Check to see if the audio-output has been set to silent. 

The sound is too low.

Increase volume. Volume button+

You cannot record sound.

Check to see if the microphone has been damaged, usually will have a” sound recorder” on screen to check.

Software Installation Problems



Your software is not functioning properly.

  • Restart the system and try using the software again.
  • Re-install the software and try using the software again.
  • Make sure your system meets the minimum requirements for using the software.
  • The software may be defective.
  • Contact the software manufacturer for additional support.

USB problems (keyboard, mouse etc.)



The system does not recognise the USB device.

  • Make sure the device is properly plugged in and secured.
  • Make sure you have installed the necessary device drivers.
  • Contact your device manufacturer for troubleshooting.

The USB device is not functioning properly.

  • For certain USB devices such as a printer, make sure its power is turned on.
  • Consult your product user manual or contact the manufacturer for troubleshooting.

HDMI external port problems



The screen is blank with the system turned on.

  • Check to see if HDMI is turn on in system.
  • Check that the HDMI cable is inserted the correct way up.




Microphone problems



The microphone is not recording.

  1. Please press” sound recorder” shown on screen to make sure microphone is not damaged.

The microphone is not functioning properly.

Contact the manufacturer for troubleshooting.


And finally.


Before you contact RM Technical Support regarding any technical issues, please conduct the following initial checks:

  • Remove all external devices and reboot the Tablet.
  • Make sure all power cables are completely plugged into the power outlet and the PC, and the power socket is switched on at the wall.
  • Check the power light indicator to see if it is on.
  • Tighten any loose cable connections.
  • Contact the product's manufacturer first, for problems related to non-RM USB CD-ROM drive, scanner, printer or other external devices.
  • Contact the software vendor first, for non-pre-installed software-related questions.

Thank you!


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