About us - iDroid Company

iDroid devices came into existence when four IT entrepreneurs shared forces to build their vision for the most user friendly tablet PC in the world. The founders share passion, commitment and vision for mobile computing and for creating and sharing amazing experiences through their devices.

iDroid Company began its operations in the east coast (City of Brotherly Love Philadelphia) and growing its infrastructure really fast into the retail markets all across USA, Canada, EU and Latin America. iDROID has offices in Philadelphia, Vancouver, Houston, Amsterdam and Dubai.

Our Mission

"To create amazing experiences through mobile computing!"

Our Vision

"Help build a world where technology is easy to use!"

Our Values

"Be Good, Do Good"

iDroid Launch News

Newest Launch

iDROID Launched in Texas on February 10th, 2014. Campaign to signup Authorized Retailers is underway!

Upcoming Markets

iDROID is launching in Belgium and The Netherlands, European Union on May 1st 2014.

developer M Usman javed (musmanjaved@gmail.com)